Vickie Vainionpää: Flow_State
Oct 25 - Dec 5 2021

Curated by Domenico de Chirico

The Greek term τελειότης (teleiotes), meaning ‘a state of completeness or perfection’ (mentally or morally), perfectly sums up the painting practice of Vainionpää, which manifests itself in a mature and complete way. FLOW_STATE is animated by and emblematic of the contemporary era, allowing for new states of perception that become vivid dialogue, rethought in the light of natural science, history, cultural anthropology and the analysis of human existence, floating between artistic intuition and technical automation. And which, in turn, blends virtual and real onto the seductive surface of the painting—always mysterious, energetic and disturbing.

— Domenico de Chirico, Translation by Vashti Innesali

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